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On point

How to successfully manage a team

On Point helps you to set out a plan to improve your leadership attitude and to manage your life by “leading the way”. From emotional intelligence to positivity, this book provides lots of tips for building a winning leader mentality, learning to select and retain talent and making your team into one which is truly capable of acting with unity and passion.

On point
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Many useful tips to:

  • Live your personal and professional life as a winner.
  • Learn to manage a team even in difficult times.
  • Build a talented team that can let go of individual thinking.

The author of the book:

Pam Borton is the trainer for the First Division of Minnesota with the most wins in the history of female basketball. After a 27 year long sports career, she now works as an Executive Coach helping CEOs, managers and teams to overcome their limits and to grow. She has received numerous awards and has been nominated twice for the National Coach of the Year. In her commitment to the promotion of female leadership, she has founded two non-profit organisations, Team Women MN and LSWAG.


A sports team and a professional are the same thing

Do you feel that you are evaluated based on your victories and defeats? Do you live and work in an environment that stops you from being able to accept your failures? After having worked for almost thirty years as a basketball trainer, Pam Borton confirms that there is not much difference between managing a sports’ role or that of a company. Every game and every experience at work comes with the same feelings. What a good leader needs to do is to focus on the process, on what happens before and after the result of a transaction, on the people that make up the team, dealing with problems in a cool, calm manner.


The key ideas of "On point"

A sports team and a professional are the same thing
Real leaders know that the way to react to losses is by learning from one’s mistakes
The importance of passion and not letting defeat bring you down
Recruit, motivate and retain talent
The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward
The questions that help form a winner’s psyche
Take-home message

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