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One Hour Content Plan

Planning great content in 60 minutes

One Hour Content Plan is a really handy first aid kit for entrepreneurial bloggers. Producing new content that is able to grab the attention of our reader is probably the biggest challenge that a blogger or entrepreneur has to deal with. This is even more the case when the posts that they write are not briefed with any particular objective in mind. Using her One Hour Content Plan, Meera Kothand walks us, step by step, through our planning process, inviting us to completely rethink it. Once we have defined our objectives, it only takes 60 minutes to build a clear plan of action. We no longer have to endure the stress of sitting in front of a blank page. Instead, we can look forward to having lots of well organised ideas within a simple structure. When clearly defined in this way, our editorial plan becomes a powerful tool with which to achieve extraordinary results.

One Hour Content Plan
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Defining an editorial plan ahead of time is the best choice for achieving long-term results

As the saying goes, ‘content is King’, and that is exactly right. Good content offers information and insights, clears up doubts, and provides answers. There are lots of different types of content, depending on their function. The thing that they all have in common, is quality. There is no point in taking the necessary time to publish content every day, if that content is not in line with a larger project, with a clear definition of why you are writing. This is why a writer needs a plan, a sort of GPS that can guide them before they get in touch with the reader. Planning the content and putting it in an editorial calendar allows you to keep things in order.

Wanting to write a text is not enough to help you complete it. The writing process needs to be planned ahead of time, in order to create a compass which will keep you on track in case of any unforeseen events. A written plan of the work you intend to do also helps you with the thinking process. It guarantees a direction. Classifying the topics you want to discuss helps to keep you focussed on your objectives, and visualise the communication as a whole, before you start to write it. This is how you can avoid making simple mistakes, such as getting lost mid article, and more importantly, it helps you to focus on your overall aim.

Lots of people write blogs these days. And yet not everyone does it well. Your blog might simply be a way to share your hobby, so you will only publish sporadically, in moments when you are inspired. And that’s fine. If however, you want the blog to be a strategic tool to attract potential customers, then you need to do some preparation first. You need to think about why you have created your blog and what kind of content you intend to publish in it.

The difference between these two intentions is enormous, and knowing that from the beginning helps you to understand which side of the fence you are on. For example, how many blogs are there that discuss everything, without ever adding any value to any particular area? The more specific a blog is, the more likely it will be to attract people who are looking for that particular subject. The objective of a professional blog should be to meet the needs of the people who are looking for the product or service the business is offering. This is the only way that you will be recognised as an expert in your chosen field, and your blog will become an asset to the company. Through your blog, you can help improve the knowledge of your readers, and guide them along a clear path that leads to your product or service.


The key ideas of "One Hour Content Plan"

Defining an editorial plan ahead of time is the best choice for achieving long-term results
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