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One Size Never Fits All

How to Create a Customized Business Strategy

One Size Never Fits All begins with a question: How can we use our talent in sport if our shoes are too small? This same metaphor can be applied to the business world, where women often find themselves competing, shackled by company methods and models that are not suited to the way they work. The search for a flexible work organization, able to make the best use  of each individual’s actual capabilities, is not only useful for women: many men too are negatively affected by outdated behavior. An organisational transformation such as this can create huge added value, and it is a resource that companies cannot afford to miss out on.

One Size Never Fits All
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Many useful tips to:

  • Build a winning team instead of aspiring to be superstars.
  • Learn the difference between men and women in terms of their business development approaches.
  • Create a model of work organization suitable for different personalities.

The author of the book:

Arin N. Reeves has a degree in law and a doctorate in sociology. As a researcher, writer, and consultant she is dedicated to gender equality and the development of personal potential. She is an expert in techniques of inclusion and collaboration at work, and is also the president of Nextions, a platform for consultants.


One size does not fit all

Those who have to submit to inadequate rules and mechanisms at work use only part of their talent, like an athlete forced to perform while wearing shoes of the wrong size. This is the problem that conditions women's success at work, but also that of many men, so it is necessary to modify the conventions and "make shoes in different sizes" to improve everyone’s professional performance, offering great benefits for the companies where they work.


The key ideas of "One Size Never Fits All"

One size does not fit all
The last ten kilometers that bring women to a stop women
The difference between one size only and the perfect size
Knowing, understanding and doing
Aspiring to be superstars or to group success?
Collaborating feet in competition shoes
How to go from one size only to the perfect size
Take-home message

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