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Pitch Anything

How to communicate so that you never get a NO answer

Find out how the brain works to put together more convincing presentations about yourself and your ideas. The method proposed by Oren Klaff in Pitch Anything is based on neuroscience - so on automatic behaviors and reactions that are common to all human beings - and that’s why it can be applied in all circumstances. Understanding what behaviors work in front of an audience of possible investors, learning to react when you are put in a position of subjection by your interlocutor, knowing how to regain control of the context and keep it firmly in your own hands: these are all skills that can be acquired by following simple rules that anyone can apply after a bit of "training" in everyday life.

Pitch Anything
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Know the croc-brain to understand how it works and create an effective presentation

The method is based on neuroscience, so the first thing to understand is how our brain, which has developed in three separate phases, works. The oldest core, the croc-brain (crocodile brain), filters all incoming messages and triggers very intense responses, called "fight-or-flight". The midbrain identifies the meaning of things and social situations. The most recent, the neocortex, has developed the ability to reflect on complex issues and give rational answers.
What you need to remember is that the thoughts created and communicated by your neocortex are received and processed by the listeners' croc-brain. No message will reach their evolved brain if it cannot survive this first filter. Basically, while you talk about things that seem clear to the evolved part of the listener's brain, it is actually the croc-brain that wonders if the incoming information poses a threat to immediate survival and, if not, if it can be ignored without consequences. The croc-brain does not process details, it only sends information to the neocortex - and only if - it is something unexpected and out of the ordinary. It discards everything that has no visual references and that is complicated and abstract, because it experiences these things as a threat: the primordial brain knows that intellectual resources are important for managing survival needs and should not be wasted. The message passes to the amygdala, which converts messages into physical reactions such as sweat, anxiety and acceleration of the heartbeat. It generates a feeling that triggers a flight response. In this case to run away from what you're saying . The croc-brain wants simple, clear and intriguing information. You submit your pitch to it. To carry out an effective presentation you must apply the STRONG method:

  • Set the frame;
  • Tell the story ;
  • Reveal the intrigue;
  • Offer the prize ;
  • Nail the hook-point;
  • Get the decision.

The key ideas of "Pitch Anything"

Know the croc-brain to understand how it works and create an effective presentation
The frames that apply in business and how to counter them
Using status to gain power during the "confrontation"
Strategically create a 20-minute presentation divided into four parts
How not to lose control of the frame
Take-home message

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