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Power vs. Force

The hidden forces behind our behaviour

Force and power are both generated by our emotions: force is connected to negative emotions, positive emotions relate to power. These emotions, or emotional states, are plotted on a Map of Consciousness, and are organised according to their impact on other people. In Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, David R. Hawkins provides an extensive analysis of the consciousness as a determinant of both individual and collective human behaviour. Through a series of kinesiology tests carried out over a period of twenty years, Hawkins compiled a sort of ‘ranking of consciousness’, starting at one end of the scale with ‘death’, meaning anything that weakens us and does not sustain life, and finishing at the opposite end with ‘life’, meaning everything that gives us life and strength.

Power vs. Force
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The human brain is like a computer with access to a vast database of knowledge and universal truths

No one is alone in the universe, because human consciousness is composed of billions of individual minds. Everyone tends to perceive their existence as unique and singular, but there is actually no meaningful distinction between individual consciousnesses. Every person is part of a vast ocean of universal knowledge and truth, and the key to accessing it lies in breaking down ego-driven internal barriers.

Just as a smartphone or computer is able to access the internet, every human brain is able to access a universal database of truths, based on a broader collective consciousness.

As humans, we firmly believe that we have control over the forces that determine our existence, but we are actually governed by a power that derives from unknown sources, and over which we have no control. This power is invisible and often overlooked, because it is not expressed through effort. We perceive force through our senses, while we can only perceive power through inner awareness. 

In the late 1970s, Dr John Diamond and H.O. Kendall developed a new discipline called ‘Behavioural Kinesiology’. According to this theory, the muscles in the human body react to stimuli in a stronger or weaker way, depending on whether the subject is presented with positive or negative stimuli. Diamond and Kendall's studies showed that there is no need for physical stimuli, because emotional and mental states also trigger a response in terms of strength or weakness.

The author used these kinesiology studies as a springboard, in order to demonstrate that the intrinsic truth of a statement can be ascertained through a kinesiology test, which measures a subject’s muscle strength or weakness. While holding one arm parallel to the ground, the subject is asked a question requiring a yes or no answer. If the statement is false, the subject's arm will become weak, and the examiner will be able to push the arm down easily. If the statement is true, the subject's arm will become strong, and resist the examiner's attempt to push it down. 

The test is designed to prove the existence of a universal truth database, and that all events and thoughts are part of a wider fabric of consciousness, which anyone can access at any time. For example, recordings of politicians making speeches that later turned out to contain lies can also be played to a subject who is unfamiliar with politics. Regardless of the subject’s nationality, social or economic status, or other differentiating factors, their arm weakens when asked to verify the truth of the dishonest speech.


The key ideas of "Power vs. Force"

The human brain is like a computer with access to a vast database of knowledge and universal truths
Kinesiological scanning is a method of investigation, which can be applied to both industrial and scientific fields
Levels of consciousness can be calibrated on a logarithmic scale ranging from 1 to 1,000
The creation of a psychological morphogenetic field, or M-field, gives rise to new possibilities for human achievement
People who manage to raise their levels of consciousness benefit enormously from being able to distinguish true from false
Becoming more conscious is the greatest gift anyone can give the world
Take-home message
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