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PR For Humans

Communicate like a leader, online and offline

Communication is a fundamental tool to connect to people and a core skill for any type of business. Stories have always been the main tool that people use to relate to each other. In his book PR for Humans, Mike Sergeant explains the principles that we have to know in order to communicate in an efficient and authentic way. He also teaches us the techniques to apply these principles in order to create stories that are relatable to our audience.

PR For Humans
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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand why communication, especially in the digital and AI era, is a fundamental skill for any business.
  • Identify the necessary elements to tell a story to which people can relate.
  • Learn techniques for a more effective and genuine communication that is not based on formulas and rules.

The author of the book:

Mike Sergeant is an expert and coach in the field of communication. He frequently works as a PR consultant with managers and leaders. He began his career as a journalist for CNN, Reuters, and BBC, covering political and economic issues, and also as a correspondent for the Middle East. Today he runs a finance and PR agency based in London.


Human stories that connect human leaders with a human audience

When we talk about communication strategies, the term PR always appears to be crucial. Effective communication with our audience can determine the success or failure of our strategy. What exactly does communicating with the audience mean, though? It is not enough to announce the latest product or promotion. It is not just about publishing information. We have to establish a relationship with our audience.

Centuries ago, human beings discovered that the most effective way to communicate with others was through stories. A good story can draw our attention and establish a lasting relationship.

With new technologies, especially AI, the way we communicate is changing. Information is published almost instantly and in a matter of seconds a post, video, or picture can go around the world.

If we want to continue to communicate effectively, we must remember what storytelling means. We should try to preserve the human factor, the one that has always linked us to stories and allows us to build solid and lasting relationships. 


The key ideas of "PR For Humans"

Human stories that connect human leaders with a human audience
How to find your story (the principles)
How to tell your story (the techniques)
Where is the story?
Take-home message

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