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One of the most common problems we hear about these days, at least in the Western world, has to do with the so-called work/life balance and a lack thereof. More and more people find themselves overcommitted, overstressed, overscheduled and under-executing. This is because we are so overwhelmed by everything we take on, that we struggle to finish things and end up pushing through without a map or even a compass to show us the way. So how can we break this exhausting cycle? Ria Story tells us in her book "Prime Time, The Power of Effective Planning".

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Analysis and key concepts


Nowadays we are too often caught up in the frenetic pace of everyday life


By “Prime Time” the author means living life in the most meaningful way possible, with optimal time management that allows us to live according to our values


The first step to making improvements to our life is to identify the gap between where we are and where we want to be


To live your life in Prime Time you need to know what your values are


To put your life in order, you need to identify your “roles”


A goal can only be defined as such when it is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and has a deadline


To effectively manage your time, you need to make weekly plans, stick to a P-R-I-M-E block pyramid, learn to say no, plan effectively and spend the right amount of time on each activity




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Help define your priorities in life.
  • Learn to manage your time better.
  • Set yourself some objectives.

Ria Story is an expert on leadership and resilience; she is a speaker, teacher, and professional coach. She successfully applied the leadership principles she learned throughout her career in the healthcare sector, learning to lead at all levels, with increasing responsibility, before leaving the corporate world to pursue her passion for coaching. She has a degree in Business Administration and Human Resource Management, and a Master’s in Business Economics.

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