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How to create your principles to improve life and work

Life is like an enigma, and every problem we face is a puzzle to be solved. When we have solved our puzzle, the reward will be an outlined solution, that is, a principle that will help us improve our decision-making process and personal growth. In Principles, Ray Dalio shares his manual of principles, which have guided him throughout his career and life. A set of principles that can be a guide for the entrepreneur to follow and that can help them make better decisions, both in their private and professional lives.

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Many useful tips to:

  • Guide entrepreneurs who would like to improve themselves and connect with their team.
  • Help those who need to build or grow their own team and are looking for some guidance to help them surround themselves with the "right people".
  • Know the tools and discover useful suggestions to increase the performance of employees at work.

The author of the book:

Ray Dalio is an American investor and philanthropist. He is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the world's largest hedge funds, listed by Forbes as one of the top 50 private companies in the United States. Ray Dalio grew up in a Long Island neighborhood, the son of a jazz musician and a housewife. When he was still very young, Dalio worked as a golf caddie, from where he collected suggestions to start his business. In 1975, after earning an MBA from Harvard Business School, he launched Bridgewater Associates from his apartment in New York City. CIO magazine defines him as "the Steve Jobs of investments".


What are Principles?

Your values are what you consider important and Principles are the invisible threads that bind them together and allow you to live a life in line with your values. Principles connect your values with your actions and help you live in connection with the laws of reality. Without them, you would simply react to circumstances without considering what is "worthwhile" to you. Principles are a guide for individuals, but also for groups of people who would otherwise fight without reason and without any understanding of why.

The author thoroughly describes the Principles in his guide to inspire readers to create their own personal list. It is a true management Bible that should be consulted often.

In this book, he describes the Principles that you can use in your daily life (LIFE PRINCIPLES), in your work environment (WORK PRINCIPLES) and to build and improve your "perfect machine" (PRINCIPLES that create and evolve your structure).


The key ideas of "Principles"

What are Principles?
Facing life as if it were a puzzle
A corporate culture based on meritocracy and transparency
How to surround yourself with the right people
How to build and evolve your machine
Take-home message

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