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Purple Cow

Get noticed (and make a fortune) in a grey world

Traditional marketing does not work anymore. Levers such as the price or a classic promotion, along with others, no longer have an effect. Nowadays, to capture the public’s attention, you need the "wow" effect, the Purple Cow.

In his book Seth Godin shows us what the "Purple Cow" is and how to ensure that everything we create is incredible, exciting, fantastic, to try to create a product or to offer a service that sticks. "The Purple Cow" is a bestseller, full of ideas for every entrepreneur.

Purple Cow
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The transition from the 8P of marketing to the 9P: the Purple Cow

The old paradigm of marketing consisted of the 8P: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Processes, Physical Evidence, and Productivity. In the past, coordinating them was enough to create the probability of success. Now, however, times have changed; the three main issues are:

  1. All of the most obvious problems have been solved and consumers have fewer easy-to-solve problems.
  2. Consumers are more difficult to reach because they ignore companies and their products.
  3. Happy customers are less likely to spread word of mouth about the products they are happy with.

As the 8P are not enough anymore, here comes another one: the Purple Cow. If you look at cows for some time, you will find them trivial. A Purple Cow, however, draws attention, at least for a while. This is because it is extraordinary.

In a time when everyone is overwhelmed by publicity and products, and nobody has time to research the goods that have been made for them, there is a need to market the remarkable that stands out. Marketing should not be seen as the last addition once a product has been created. Marketing is the product itself, and vice-versa. In other words, the study of an extraordinary product is already marketing.


The key ideas of "Purple Cow"

The transition from the 8P of marketing to the 9P: the Purple Cow
The curve of product adoption and who to target nowadays
The questions to explore and the niche to choose when launching a new product
How to overcome fears
What to improve in marketing
The magic cycle of the cow: 4 fundamental steps
Ideas on how to launch extraordinary products
8 more strategies to put the Purple Cow to work
How to apply the concept of the Purple Cow to a job search
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