Revolting Prostitutes

Molly Smith, Juno Mac

Revolting Prostitutes



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Revolting Prostitutes is a courageous book that aims to fill a void. Written by two female sex workers, it examines the issues of gender-based violence, migration, work and discrimination in countries such as Great Britain, America, South Africa, and New Zealand. Covering a wide range of the issues that the people practising this profession are constantly up against, and bearing in mind that prostitution is a booming industry all over the world, the authors underline the importance of Sex Workers receiving global recognition. Smith and Mac cut straight to the point, without wasting any time discussing whether or not the profession should or should not exist. Prostitution is a fact, and as the so-called “oldest profession in the world”, all they ask is that it be taken seriously. The book aims to spark the long-overdue debate necessary to leverage legal and political change not only for the protection of prostitutes, but for all women, everywhere.

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Analysis and key concepts


How prostitutes intend to obtain the recognition of certain key rights


The more a society marginalises prostitution, the greater the risks to the safety of those who work in the profession


The Nordic model: Sweden, Norway and Canada


The New Zealand model could be the way forward


The future of sex workers’ rights is still waiting to be written




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Help us think about prostitution and the various ways it is managed in different parts of the world.
  • Hear about what people who work in prostitution want us to know.
  • Understand the rights that sex workers are asking for, and why they need them.

Molly Smith is a sex worker and SWARM (Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement) activist. She is also part of an Edinburgh-based organisation called Scot-Pep, which aims to decriminalise prostitution in Scotland. As an activist, she has written numerous articles on prostitutes' rights. She wrote the book Revolting Prostitutes with Juno Mac, where they explain the various different policies on prostitution around the world.

Juno Mac is a sex worker and SWARM (Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement) activist. Along with Molly Smith, she wrote the book Revolting Prostitutes, which explains the different policies on prostitution in the world.

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