Learn the key ideas of the book by J. Fried , D. H. Hansson


Change the way that you and your team work, forever

Recounting the story of its authors, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, Rework tells us how we can build a business without making great leaps, without becoming too big and by optimising all our processes to become quick and simple, while earning us a handsome profit. This book provides us with a series of useful suggestions to manage our company more efficiently.

Read in 15 min.
Listen in 18 min.

Many useful tips to:

  • Learn how to start a profitable business in a simple and lean way.
  • Help anyone interested in reading a book that doesn’t make the usual fantastical claims that workaholics do.
  • Improve your working practices.

The author of the book:

Jason Fried is the co-founder and the CEO of 37 signals, which then became Basecamp. Jason has been asked to speak all over the world about entrepreneurship, design, management and software. He co-wrote all the 37signals books.

David Heinemeier Hansson is a Danish programmer. He is the creator of the popular Ruby on Rails web development framework and of Wiki Instiki. He is a partner of the software development company Basecamp. He was co-author of Agile Web Development with Rails with Dave Thomas.


The size of a company

We are a small company by choice; at the moment there are 16 of us. We develop software to help small companies and groups optimise their work in the easiest possible way. We wanted to stay small, lean and frugal, even though our company is very lucrative: we turn over several million dollars a year. In this book we want to explain to you how to run a profitable business without growing too fast, in an efficient and simple way.


The key ideas of "Rework"

The size of a company
The startup guide
Focus on your priorities going forward
Improve productivity through simplicity
Be inspired, but don’t copy!
The power of NO
How to promote yourself when nobody knows who you are….and afterwards when they do
Build a winning team
Take-home message

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