Room Full of Mirrors

Charles R. Cross

Room Full of Mirrors



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The culmination of 4 years’ work and over 325 interviews, this book is an attempt to show the human side of one of the biggest icons of twentieth century music. During his research, author Charles R. Cross managed to rediscover the burial place of the musician's mother, Lucille Hendrix Mitchell, whose grave in Seattle's Greenwood Memorial Park was left unmarked and forgotten, just like the many meaningful events that took place during Jimi Hendrix's life and childhood. This biography also managed to capture the narratives of Hendrix's life from those key witnesses who were still alive when it was written and who, one by one, have gradually passed away. The pages of Room Full of Mirrors, taken from the title of a song that was never officially released while Jimi was alive, take the reader on a moving journey into the real life of the greatest left-handed guitarist in the history of music.

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Analysis and key concepts


Jimi Hendrix’s family come from various ethnic groups and nationalities who have suffered for generations


Jimi was born into a poor family that was lacking in any kind of stability, and had to deal with trauma at an early age that affected him for the rest of his life


Jimi Hendrix’s childhood was fraught with poverty, profound insecurity, and serious emotional neglect


The discovery of music gave Jimi a glimmer of hope and changed the course of his adolescence


Jimi took his first steps into the world of music without knowing where he was going, but he was bewitched by his guitar, and dedicated his body and soul to playing it


In 1960’s America, it was tough for a black person to make a living as a musician


Jimi Hendrix arrived in London as a nobody, and in just a few days his life took an unexpected turn that catapulted him to stardom


The Monterey Pop Festival marked a turning point in Jimi’s notoriety in the States where he had suffered poverty, discrimination, and had been given little recognition


In London, the late sixties were a time of redemption, affirmation and stratospheric success for Jimi, which reached its peak at the American concert, Woodstock, in 1969


Jimi Hendrix’s relationships with women were invariably complicated but his female companions always offered him emotional, financial, and professional support


When Jimi Hendrix died at the young age of twenty-seven, he was already very worn down by the wheels of fame, a rollercoaster that he himself had set in motion, and which he could not stop from rolling




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Charles R. Cross is a journalist, author and music publisher primarily known for his coverage of Kurt Cobain, Bruce Springsteen, and Jimi Hendrix. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, he lives in Seattle, Hendrix's hometown, and writes for some of the world's most respected music magazines including Rolling Stone and Guitar World.

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