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Scaling Up

The strategy to help a company grow

To get to the top, and stay there for a long time, you need an innovative strategy, to know how to achieve your objectives and to have enough money to do so, but first and foremost, you need to have the right people on your team. Scaling Up carefully defines the steps you need to take and the regular checks to be carried out to make sure that your company “scales” successfully.

Scaling Up
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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand and intercept the problems that arise within a company experiencing rapid growth.
  • Increase the dimensions of working groups without reducing their efficacy.
  • Determine those characteristics which are indispensable to managers responsible for teams of rising talent.

The author of the book:

Verne C. Harnish, founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Organisation, YEO, and the Association of University Entrepreneurs, is also co-founder and director of the Gazelles Growth Institute. In 2002 he established an entrepreneurial development method inspired by Rockefeller’s habits. As well as being an Author and trainer, he teaches his leadership techniques as part of MIT’s Advanced Business Program.


The “growth” effect: the CEO takes a step back from daily activities

When a company “scales”, or takes off on a track towards exponential success, the number of clients, products and employees increases at the same pace. It is normal that the difficulties also increase at the same rate and to manage them, what is required first and foremost, is a capable group of managers. A good boss has the ability to foresee, delegate and focus and must continue to interact with clients, with any competitors and with their employees. Obviously, the larger the company, the more distant its CEO will be from its daily management and the greater the effort they will have to make to ensure that their presence is felt, through a team of capable and efficient managers. 


The key ideas of "Scaling Up"

The “growth” effect: the CEO takes a step back from daily activities
A leader must be focussed and consistent
The heart of a company that scales: the importance of amplifying the marketing department
Building the team: how to hire the right people
Values, strategy and the management of the flow of money: setting checks
Rockefeller’s habits: monitoring strategic points over time
Take-home message

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