Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

T. Harv Eker

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind



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In order to become rich, before we even start thinking about how to make money, we need to make sure we have the right mindset, because all buildings have to have solid foundations. In Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T.Harv Eker explains how to develop a millionaire mindset, reprogram our mentality to achieve extraordinary results, learn the basics to start accumulating money, understand how rich people operate, and avoid the mistakes many financially challenged people make.

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Analysis and key concepts


In order to become rich, before we even start thinking about how to make money, we need to have the right mindset. We are often held back by a restrictive money model, which our parents unintentionally instil in us, but we do have the capacity to reprogram this mindset


Wealthy people believe that they can shape their own lives, they do not complain, they focus on opportunities, they deal positively with problems, and they have a mindset of abundance


To become a millionaire, we have to think big, be willing to fail, avoid making fear-driven choices, and focus on acting with commitment


​​The rich work hard to realise their dreams, they study, and learn, and they believe in themselves, so they end up having very high self-esteem. This leads them to believe that they are worthy of achieving what they want, and feel justified in backing and promoting themselves


The poor often vilify the rich, and usually spend the majority of their time with other poor people


If we want to accumulate wealth, we have to make sure that we are paid according to our results, and not according to how much time we spend on an activity


The rich manage their money effectively, and make it work for them




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Many useful tips to:

  • Develop a millionaire mindset.
  • Reprogram our mind, and achieve extraordinary success.
  • Lay the foundations to accumulate a great deal of money.
  • Understand how rich people operate.
  • Avoid the mistakes poor people make. 

Harv Eker was born in 1954, and is a Canadian author, businessman, and motivational speaker, who is best known for his theories on wealth and motivation. By using the same principles that he now teaches to his students in the classroom, T. Harv Eker became a millionaire in just two and a half years. He is the author of two bestselling books, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and Speed Wealth, and has also developed several enormously popular courses, such as The Millionaire Mind Intensive, Life Directions, Wizard Training, and Train the Trainer. His blog newsletter has over 450,000 subscribers.

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Harper Business