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Seeking Wisdom
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Seeking Wisdom

Find out how our brain works to avoid errors of judgement

Our path to wisdom begins with the brain, with its physiology and its mechanisms in reaction to the experiences to which we are subjected. The 28 biases, or errors of judgement, which all human beings tend to make, can be kept in check by applying our knowledge. In the same way, by acquiring analytical skills and abilities, we can protect ourselves from being misled by numbers. Ultimately, our brain is a muscle, which we need to train, in order to make it work better. For this purpose, there are certain simple techniques, which we can learn to master and we can discover these in Seeking Wisdom.

Seeking Wisdom
Read in 15 min.
Listen in 19 min.

Who is Charles Thomas Munger?

Charles Thomas Munger is an entrepreneur, lawyer and philanthropist. He is also the vice president of Berkshire Hathaway, the financial group chaired by Warren Buffet – an entrepreneur and economist, considered the greatest investor of all time, to the point of being named the Oracle of Omaha. Their experiences and advice, coupled with the discoveries about our intelligence and behaviour handed down to us from Darwin, constitute a wealth of inspiration and tools for those in search of wisdom.


The key ideas of "Seeking Wisdom"

Who is Charles Thomas Munger?
What is our brain like?
Prejudice explained by psychology
Prejudices seen through the lens of maths
How do we perceive coincidence, probability and contest?
According to Thomas Alva Edison, the brain is a muscle that can be trained like any other
Charlie Munger’s golden rules
Take-home message
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