Self Discipline

Gemma Ray

Self Discipline



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Being disciplined means being able to control our feelings and overcome our weaknesses. This means getting out of bed and making sure that we finish all those little things that, at the end of the day, make us feel proud of ourselves. "Self Discipline: A How-To Guide to Stop Procrastination, Achieve Your Goals in 10 Steps and Build Daily Goal-Crushing Habits" by Gemma Ray is more than a manual: it is a map that teaches us to escape the pitfalls and to avoid the mistakes and obstacles that stand in the way of us achieving our goals within the timeframe we have set ourselves.

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Analysis and key concepts


Avoiding procrastination means convincing oneself that some things have to be done today to reap the benefits tomorrow, so the first thing to do is to establish our long-term objectives


Focus on the positive: to enjoy real success we need to allow ourselves to celebrate along the way, not just when we reach the end


Not only does having a strong morning routine change the way our day goes, it can also change our whole life: set up a good routine and make sure it involves tasks that fill you with energy


Health is our greatest gift: taking care of our health is important for everyone, especially for those who are working to achieve an objective


Procrastination is a sign of uncertainty, so it needs to be dealt with like all other fears


The ideal moment to achieve success is anytime in your life: every stage of this personal and private journey deserves to be celebrated


One of the most effective methods to avoid procrastination is planning your commitments and duties beforehand, constantly


Progress should be monitored step by step, to train discipline and keep motivation high




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Master the strategy that will enable you to achieve your objectives.
  • Learn to define (and celebrate) the daily steps that bring you closer to your goal.
  • Avoid becoming overwhelmed and avoid procrastination.

Gemma Ray, a BBC radio presenter, is a bestselling author and specialist in communication who affirms that self-discipline and defeating procrastination gave her the gifts of success and happiness. Achieving these results was far from easy, because it meant setting out on a long journey, made up of daily progress markers, requiring determination and perseverance. Her aim nowadays is to inspire others and support them to help face their own challenges, and possibly change their lives.

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