Sell or Be Sold

Grant Cardone

Sell or Be Sold



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Knowing how to sell, negotiate and persuade is a skill we are all likely to need in, probably much more than we realize, and in various different areas of our lives. Selling is an art, and we need to learn to do it well, without fear or shame, to help us get everything we want and become successful both personally and professionally. Sell or Be Sold by world renowned entrepreneur and billionaire Grant Cardone is a great read for anyone looking to nurture their sales talent, to better understand sales strategies and learn a few new techniques, as well as having some great tips to help develop important life skills such as discipline, failure management, and a positive attitude.

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Analysis and key concepts


With their commitment, knowledge and foresight, salespeople run the world’s economy


Believing in the product you are selling is key to getting others to do the same


Two key sales weapons: be interested in the customer and agree with them


Being trustworthy, having a positive attitude and being willing to serve your customer will boost your success


Take massive action. Be independent and fearless


Nurture customer relationships by communicating both online and offline


The perfect sales process is simple, fast and aimed at closing the deal




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Hone your communication skills and become a great salesperson.
  • Learn how to behave with clients with a view to closing the deal and closing it well.
  • Nurture a mindset of commitment, discipline and knowledge of your client, and develop a positive attitude to selling.

Grant Cardone is an investor, author, and expert salesman. He invented a sales process called Information Assisted Selling, which he has used to help many successful companies to optimise their results. He has spoken at many international conferences on sales, and other subjects such as finance, success, motivation, and investments. He is also CEO of Cardone University, the world’s number one business training platform, where he offers the most extensive training curriculum on the web today. Cardone has written several bestsellers, including The 10x Rule, and is a regular guest on Fox News, CNN, and NBC.

Publishing house:

Greenleaf Book Group