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Side Hustle

How to earn extra money without leaving your job

Side Hustle gives us a step-by-step guide to creating a mini business, which will allow us to earn extra money in just 27 days, without having to leave our main job. In Side Hustle, Chris Guillebeau develops a program divided into weeks, and on each day of the week, there is a specific action to carry out that will help us start our mini-business, giving us the proper impulse to launch our ideas in order to generate more than one source of income.

Side Hustle
Read in 16 min.
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Many useful tips to:

  • Help those who have the desire to learn, experience and challenge themselve find the courage to leave a job they don’t love.
  • Find a detailed roadmap with specific examples to launch an idea that will allow you to earn extra money and maybe even change your life.
  • Discover the stories of real people who found the money tree and made it flourish.

The author of the book:

Chris Guillebeau is a writer, businessman and traveler. Throughout a lifetime of self-employment and initiatives, ranging from internet publishing to volunteering in West Africa, he has visited almost every country in the world before the age of 35. Chris founded the World Domination Summit, an international hub for creatives, with the goal of encouraging people to live satisfying lives. His website, ChrisGuillebeau.com, has a million visits per month.


The Side Hustle's way to create extra income

A side hustle can be defined as a project that is carried out while still working at our main job, in order to earn money. It is a way to generate additional income without the risk of launching oneself into the world of self-employment.

Not everyone is willing to give up a steady job and a regular salary, but what if we could quickly and easily create a source of additional income (with minimal investment of time, money, and effort), without giving up the safety of a full-time job? This book will show you how to achieve exactly that in just 27 days, guiding you step-by-step from idea to implementation. The side hustle path is not just a means to have extra money in your wallet, but a way to obtain more stability and more freedom. When you have different sources of income you have more choices and no longer have to rely on the whims of a single employer.


The key ideas of "Side Hustle"

The Side Hustle's way to create extra income
Week one - how to build an arsenal of ideas
Week two - select the best idea
Week three - getting ready for your idea to take off
Week four - launch your idea to the right people
Week five - rearrange and refine the idea
Take-home message

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