Silent Spring

Rachel Louise Carson

Silent Spring



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Any action aimed at trying to control nature has heavy consequences on our entire ecosystem, including human beings. Silent Spring, by RachelCarson, was the first book published about this subject in 1962, and, unfortunately, this book is still relevant today in helping us understand that we are only a very small link in the long chain that connects all living beings; a chain that begins with the plants that keep us alive and which we would greatly benefit from treating with respect, if not reverence.

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Analysis and key concepts


Since the end of the 1940’s, 500 new chemical substances have been produced every year, and without giving it a second thought, humans influence the life of the entire planet by polluting the soil, water and air


In less than 20 years, synthetic the use of pesticides became widespread: as well as staying in the soil for 15 years, they were found in the bodies of fish, birds, reptiles and humans, where they are highly concentrated in mother’s milk and foetal tissues


Modern insecticide can be divided into two groups: hydrocarbon based DDT and phosphorous based DDT. In both cases, the compounds are derived from carbon and therefore can be listed as “organic” but there is nothing natural about either of them


Humans assume the right to decide which plants are useful and pleasant, and which are not, but interfering with entire ecosystems has disastrous consequences that affect both livestock and human beings


The Silent Spring: thousands of birds in the U.S were killed due to blanket spraying of pesticides


The poison also gets into the water, causing the death of crabs, small crustaceans and fish, as well as having other effects on birds


Thinking that we can control nature is not only presumptuous; this attitude is dangerous to both humans and the planet. We must rethink our relationship with nature




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Rachel Louise Carson was an American marine biologist and conservationist whose influential book, Silent Spring, and other writings, are credited with advancing the global environmental movement. She awakened people's consciences and pushed for radical change in the use of insecticides and pesticides.

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