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Speak to Sell

Turn yourself into a successful speaker and marketer

Speaking to sell is a real job, which is often well paid. Yet many speakers make huge mistakes, which can be attributed to fear and pride. The advice in "Speak to Sell: Persuade, Influence, and Establish Authority & Promote Your Products, Services, Practice, Business, or Cause" helps us to learn, first and foremost, how to avoid making these mistakes, but also to understand the deeper meaning behind a profession that often goes unappreciated, even though it can provide a very good income for anyone who does it professionally. 

Speak to Sell
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Many useful tips to:

  • Turn every presentation you make into a successful one.
  • Learn to be convincing.
  • Get the applause you are seeking, but more importantly, to make money.

The author of the book:

Dan S. Kennedy is a communications and marketing expert. He has been teaching his techniques for over twenty years and is considered to be a key point of reference for many young people who dream of becoming a millionaire. Kennedy is a lover of the old-style marketing, like telephone-sales, coupons and traditional advertising and has created a newsletter that offers value to the subscribers of his Glazer-Kennedy insider's Circle. It's called The No B.S. Marketing Letter and is paid for through a membership formula.


Persuasion is a science than can be learned, but learning without passion offers no guarantee of success: learning to study means learning the right way to think

Knowing how to speak convincingly means having the resources and the opportunity to acquire and retain customers. Here's the first thing to keep in mind: the point is not to make a good speech, get a roaring applause and go home. The point is to study, and to be able to fall back on a real science.

Learning a system parrot-fashion is not enough: even when you know the technique and have fully understood and accepted it, if your mindset and emotions are not set-up for success, you are very unlikely to achieve it. How you decide to think and feel has a far greater impact on your future than any technique you can learn.

Attitude governs habit: you have to be optimistic and confident, but above all you have to be yourself: clear and perhaps a little ruthless. Results need to come first, and certain sacrifices have to be made to achieve them.


The key ideas of "Speak to Sell"

Persuasion is a science than can be learned, but learning without passion offers no guarantee of success: learning to study means learning the right way to think
Convincing people to buy using only the power of your words means having an incredible potential, which is in high demand in every market
Every opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight and sell is the right one: opportunities to make contacts and spread the word can be easily created by anyone who has something to promote
How to combat your fear of speaking in public: getting up on stage full of confidence can be achieved through time spent on some healthy self-promotion
The secret ingredient to the perfect speech is no real secret: it all lies in being able to involve the audience and creating emotion that captures their attention
Have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve and don’t get distracted: the power of focus as a successful strategy
Giving speeches is a job, selling something during those speeches is the same job, done effectively
A speech that sells has a precise structure, that can be repeated day after day, year after year, and continues to be successful, so creating well structured speech and fine-tuning the details is important
Most workplaces are stages upon which different shows take place: everyone is playing a role, there is nothing to be embarrassed about
To sell something to someone, you have to let them know that you are selling them something
Take-home message

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