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Start With Why

How to be a great leader through communication

There are different types of leaders: the manipulator, the energetic and charismatic types. The manipulative leader uses sales techniques that lead the customer to buy immediately, but that does not create loyalty; the energetic kind is someone who motivates, but energy can also come from a good dose of caffeine. The charismatic leader is different, this is the leader who inspires, in other words, the one who motivates people through inspiration. Inspiring leaders follow a model called the Golden Circle and it enables them to improve leadership, sales, marketing, hiring, product development and company culture.

Start With Why
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The Leadership Model

This book is about the model, way of thinking, acting, and communicating that allows leaders to inspire others. There are people who are born leaders, but we can all learn from this model. We can learn to guide and inspire others. An example is present throughout the whole book: Apple. At Apple they have started with 'why'. Not all leaders guide by inspiring others. We will see how to become part of that group. If they are inspired, people act, and not because they are dominated, or will earn incentives: they act because they believe in the cause that inspires them. They do not act because they have to; they act because they want to.


The key ideas of "Start With Why"

The Leadership Model
Techniques used by companies that do not inspire
The "Golden Circle" of inspiring leaders
The value of trust
Those who know the "why" must be accompanied by those who know "how"
How a company can survive success
Take-home message

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