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Mario Moroni

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Mario Moroni wrote this book with the aim of providing an alternative perspective for people who believe that they have a chance of succeeding when really, unfortunately, they do not. In an extremely direct, and at times irreverent way, he explains the problems awaiting all those people, who are about to free fall into the world of innovative digital entrepreneurship, thinking that it will be a piece of cake. Shitty Startup debunks all the myths surrounding the million-dollar market of motivational literature and courses for young dreamers and aspiring entrepreneurs, as a stark reminder that embarking on a career in startups is by no means the only way to do business, nor is it always the most beneficial for the country as a whole.

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Analysis and key concepts


The dangerous and misleading illusion that startups offer easy and mind-blowing success mainly serves the interests of the very people who create and perpetuate the idea


The startup illusion began with several cognitive distortions, which lead people to identify with all those superlative success stories


The Italian market and society are part of a unique environment, and create unfavourable conditions for opening startups


Our main concern when launching a startup should be its sustainability


There are many conflicting theories around the kinds of brilliant ideas capable of transforming their creators into stars of digital entrepreneurship


Choosing the people we want to work with is a crucial decision that, like so many others, must be forward-thinking, and take into account our often slim and hard-fought budget


There are also many misconceptions surrounding incubators, and their role is often unclear to people who are looking to create a startup


Timelines are an essential factor in understanding whether our forecasted progress is on schedule


No matter how good our startup idea may be, there are factors, which will affect our chances of success in any case, and which are very rarely spoken about




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Avoid underestimating the difficulties of opening a startup in Italy.
  • Understand our natural inclinations and, consequently, what our path in life really is.
  • Decide not to launch a startup.

Mario Moroni was born in Italy in 1983, and has been a successful digital entrepreneur since 1999, when he launched one of Italy’s first music platforms, OkMusik. After developing his professional career within various large companies, he now runs OkNetwork, which aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the organisation of events, content, and corporate podcasts. His experience and outstanding communication skills have also made him a respected creator and presenter of technology and digital events. Startup di merda (Shitty Startup) is his first book, and immediately became a bestseller.

Publishing house:

La Memoria del Mondo