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Stillness Is the Key

The guide to a calm and successful life

In Stillness is the Key the author aims to create a guide to lead a life that is both serene and productive. The objective is to achieve a state of calm and stillness that allows you to have a successful life. The book explains that this is only possible when we reach a balance between the three most important areas of human life: mind, body and spirit; each one of these is analysed individually to uncover the best methods to reach a calm state in each area

Stillness Is the Key
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What is stillness or, as the stoics called it, apatheia

Staying steady while the world spins around you. It means reacting without frenzy. Hearing only what needs to be heard. Stillness means to possess quietude, both interior and exterior, on command. The concept of stillness is a pathway that leads to excellence, it improves performance, inspires ideas and refines perspective, it enables us to persevere, to resist the passions of the masses and make space for gratitude and wonder. In reality most philosophers and world religions revere this stillness or inner peace as supreme well-being and the secret to a happy life. To achieve stillness we need to reduce the disturbances and the chaos that make it impossible, by concentrating on three specific things: mind, body and soul.


The key ideas of "Stillness Is the Key"

What is stillness or, as the stoics called it, apatheia
The domain of the body; a stressed body cannot achieve serenity
Living in the moment, limiting inputs and letting go of preconceptions can help to achieve mental peace
Tricks to avoid distractions, to reflect and to seek silence and wisdom
Learning to feel sure of yourself and to let things go
The spiritual domain, how to achieve spiritual stillness
To achieve spiritual stillness, develop a strong moral code, be kind to your inner child and manage your desires
Nourishing the spirit, learning to believe in a greater force and sharing the quest for serenity are excellent pathways to spiritual peace
The domain of the body; a stressed body cannot achieve serenity
Regenerate the body with hobbies, with movement and with routine
Seek out solitude and rest, learn not to react to protect your body from stress
Take-home message

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