Storie che incantano

Andrea Fontana

Storie che incantano



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We live in a narrative era, in which the stories that work are those that can surprise and excite the people who read them, see them, and listen to them. Since nowadays our attention span is extremely short, telling a story is not enough, we must tell a story that can enchant our audience.  In Storie che incantano (Stories That Enchant), the author guides us through the world of storytelling and helps us to understand the fundamental rules that we need to follow to ensure that the tales we tell find their way into people's  hearts and minds. Building a story that enchants is not just a question of style, but an essential requirement, if we want to bring value to our product or service and to be remembered for it.

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Analysis and key concepts


We are living in a monumental period called the "fiction economy", or in an era in which the symbolic part of reality has much more hold on us than the practical and functional part


We are constantly inundated with all kinds of content and a story is only able to grab our attention if it truly captivates us, leaving us open-mouthed and making our hearts beat faster


Stories that enchant are hyper-content (full of meaning) and an indispensable feature in today’s markets


To create enchanting stories we need to find the balance between our audience’s past, our own story and the dilemmas of the times we live in


The narrative rhythm of stories that enchant is like a heartbeat: alternating between relaxation and tension


The formula for a perfect story is: situation – problem – solution (where we are the solution to our audience’s problems)


Stories are a way to respond to people’s fears; before creating our content, we need to understand what our audience is afraid of


Stories can still be poetic even if they contain objective data


Stories of salvation: from a fall to the ascent, from an empty existence to a life that acquires meaning


In stories of transformation the main characters face great challenges that require them to make big changes


Stories about bonds tell the tale of all the small threads that unite people, objects and situations


Stories about values tell us about the meaning we attribute to life


Care stories are about the all-human need to have and give attention, while the "supreme story" is the story that brings the charm of many stories together




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Many useful tips to:

  • Discover those principles fundamental to the creation of effective stories which can connect us to our markets better than any other.
  • Help understand that if we want to be heard, we need to learn to listen to others, and to their hopes and dreams.
  • Start to view stories as solutions to people’s deepest fears.

Andrea Fontana is considered the leading expert in Italy in the field of Corporate Storytelling. He is a communications sociologist, author and TEDx speaker. He teaches Storytelling and Business Storytelling at the University of Pavia, and runs the University PhD course in Storytelling Sciences. He also manages a consultancy in Business Strategy and Marketing; in 2015, he received the Curcio award for culture. Fontana is co-founder of Storyfactory, the first Italian company in the field of business narrative consulting, and he has written several books, including Siamo tutti storyteller (We are all Storytellers), Storytelling for dummies and Fake news: sicuri che sia falso? (Fake news: are you sure it's false?).

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