Storie che incantano
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Storie che incantano

The principles for creating engaging stories

We live in a narrative era, in which the stories that work are those that can surprise and excite the people who read them, see them, and listen to them. Since nowadays our attention span is extremely short, telling a story is not enough, we must tell a story that can enchant our audience.  In Storie che incantano (Stories That Enchant), the author guides us through the world of storytelling and helps us to understand the fundamental rules that we need to follow to ensure that the tales we tell find their way into people's  hearts and minds. Building a story that enchants is not just a question of style, but an essential requirement, if we want to bring value to our product or service and to be remembered for it.

Storie che incantano
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We are living in a monumental period called the "fiction economy", or in an era in which the symbolic part of reality has much more hold on us than the practical and functional part

Once upon a time, there were groups of people called consumers, who found themselves at the end of a linear process, and who made purchasing decisions that were rational and based on need. Then there were sellers, who promoted the practical, functional and advantageous costs of products and services, because they knew very well that this was what the consumers were looking for.

In the era of the fiction economy, that world of linear and predictable markets no longer exists, even in times of crisis. And so the type of consumer we have just described has become extinct, leaving room for a new consumer, whose purchasing decisions are guided by very different factors.

Of course, price is still important to this type of consumer, but what really matters and makes the difference are the symbols, the values, and the messages that the products and brands convey.

With the explosion of the internet and social media, the emotional and narrative component has come to dominate the rational one. In fact, if we pay attention, we will notice that most of the information we are fed every day is conveyed as a narrative. We live in a world where the distinction between reality and fiction is becoming increasingly blurred, and this is why it is important to understand how to create stories that enchant.

Every day, because of the different devices we interact with, we are subjected to such a vast amount of information, that we literally find ourselves daydreaming through a lot of it. Recent studies have highlighted that we spend much of our daily lives (and our time online) in a sort of daze, a neurological state that is considered similar to dreaming. Our eyes are open, but we are in fact dreaming: we are always in on-life mode, meaning that we live in a dimension in which it is no longer easy to distinguish the real world from the digital one.


The key ideas of "Storie che incantano"

We are living in a monumental period called the "fiction economy", or in an era in which the symbolic part of reality has much more hold on us than the practical and functional part
We are constantly inundated with all kinds of content and a story is only able to grab our attention if it truly captivates us, leaving us open-mouthed and making our hearts beat faster
Stories that enchant are hyper-content (full of meaning) and an indispensable feature in today’s markets
To create enchanting stories we need to find the balance between our audience’s past, our own story and the dilemmas of the times we live in
The narrative rhythm of stories that enchant is like a heartbeat: alternating between relaxation and tension
The formula for a perfect story is: situation – problem – solution (where we are the solution to our audience’s problems)
Stories are a way to respond to people’s fears; before creating our content, we need to understand what our audience is afraid of
Stories can still be poetic even if they contain objective data
Stories of salvation: from a fall to the ascent, from an empty existence to a life that acquires meaning
In stories of transformation the main characters face great challenges that require them to make big changes
Stories about bonds tell the tale of all the small threads that unite people, objects and situations
Stories about values tell us about the meaning we attribute to life
Care stories are about the all-human need to have and give attention, while the "supreme story" is the story that brings the charm of many stories together
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