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Stories That Stick

How storytelling can improve our business

A good story makes the difference between success and oblivion: Stories that Stick demonstrates this through the account of the writer, who watched her husband, spellbound by the story that was behind the name of a particular perfume, lose the will to buy it because the shop assistant did not know the story. Storytelling is a very powerful tool for bringing a company in contact with its customers and this book teaches the rules on how to use it to our best advantage.

Stories That Stick
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Storytelling to build a bridge between client and product: attention, influence and transformation are the key ingredients

Every company’s objective can be summarised in the same way: taking the value of the product or service from point A – the company – to point B – the client. Think of the distance between these two points as a gap in the path: a void across which to build a bridge.

This objective can be achieved if we create a stable connection between our customers and our business. The three elements to use to accomplish this are attention, influence and transformation: the best bridges are those that grab our attention, the ones that stand out and make us want to walk across them, that is to say that they influence behaviour to such an extent that people who cross the bridge will never want to turn back, because they will have undergone a sort of transformation while crossing, which will have changed their point of view. To be honest, it is difficult to work on all three components and companies often tend to stop at the attention-grabbing part or the part of influencing behaviour, unfortunately reducing the strength of the bridge that they have built.

The best way to work on all three elements is to tell a story: regardless of the scenario, the void that we have to cross, the type of product we want to sell or the customers we hope to dazzle, narration is the construction of a very sturdy bridge. Good storytellers manage to fill a short story with meaning. What is their power?

First of all, they know that getting attention is not that difficult: it is often given spontaneously, without the listeners even realising it, as they are carried off on another dimension. In this way, a story also has the power to convince, sweeping away any resistance and leaving an indelible mark behind it.


The key ideas of "Stories That Stick"

Storytelling to build a bridge between client and product: attention, influence and transformation are the key ingredients
How to stimulate the emotions that can “capture” the brain
The key ingredients for a really good story
Focussing on the problem of the main character to incite the listener: “System 1”
An exceptional case: “the story of the founder”
The voice of a real client is the best one to tell the story
Steps to make sure that the story works
The rules for building a good story: dynamism and balance
Take-home message

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