Learn the key ideas of the book by Matthew Dicks


Create a story that knows how to engage our audience

In Storyworthy, the author presents us with some exercises through which to find, select, present and to engagingly tell the stories of events that have forever marked our life; those significant moments that have changed us, or thanks to which we have understood something important about ourselves. With the help of Matthew Dicks’ advice, you will soon be ready to take the stage and tell your own story.

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Many useful tips to:

  • Help those who want to find out more about themselves and experience new ways to find a point of connection with others through their personal history.
  • Learn how to achieve your goals by telling personal stories.
  • Learn how to tell an interesting and exciting story effectively.

The author of the book:

Matthew Dicks is an author of world-class novels translated into twenty-five languages. When he’s not spending his days hunched over his keyboard writing books, Matthew works as an elementary school teacher, a blogger, or as a speaking coach for private individuals and companies. He has won the StorySLAM twenty-five times and the GrandSLAM five times, and his stories have been aired on Moth Radio Hour and its weekly podcast. He has also told stories for This is American Life, TED, The Mouth and many others. Matthew is also the co-founder and creative director of Speak Up, a storytelling organization that puts on shows throughout New England.


Tell a story in which you are the protagonist of change

Storytelling refers specifically to the telling of life stories by those who have lived them in person. They tell stories to express their most real and most difficult experiences.


The key ideas of "Storyworthy"

Tell a story in which you are the protagonist of change
What are the characteristics that identify and define a personal story?
The techniques needed to find the stories, in other words the significant moments of every day in our life, and to hold onto them forever
At the heart of every good story is a 5 second narration
Techniques to best tell your story
Take-home message

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