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We may think that the future is exclusively online, but then we see companies like Starbucks, that apply other strategies and stop selling their coffee online. It is increasingly harder to differentiate ourselves from the competition on the Internet. However, in our store we can do different things, create unique experiences. We are in the era of Subscription Economy and Subscribed reveals to us how essential it is to stay in the market, improve the 4 P’s of marketing, adopt growth strategies, and revise our vision about profitability. Whatever the business, the most important thing is to discover how to establish a relationship with our customers, putting them at the center of everything we do.

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Subscription Economy: a new business model

In the last century, business schools have been preaching a single idea: the fundamental goal of any business is to create a successful product and sell as many units as possible in order to dilute fixed costs and increase margins. This model no longer exists. Today the goal of any business is to start by understanding the wishes and needs of a customer base, and then create a service or product that satisfies these demands, providing them continuous value. The idea is to transform clients into subscribers to generate recurring revenue. A new business model called Subscription Economy.

We are at a turning point in the history of business. The world is moving from products to services. Subscriptions are growing because billions of digital customers prefer access rather than ownership. This means that everything in your company will have to change.


The key ideas of "Subscribed"

Subscription Economy: a new business model
The end of an era and the birth of a new type of consumer
Changing the vision to stay in the market
The golden age of streaming services
Mobility is being centered around the customer
The deep transformation of the publishing industry
What determines the change from the traditional model to the subscription model
The IoT ecosystem and how our daily lives are changing
Staying in beta forever: the key to success for companies
How to improve the 4 P’s of marketing
Eight strategies to keep your growth constant
How to calculate the profitability of a business
Take-home message

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