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Super Thinking

The mental models for making better decisions in less time.

There definitely is a way to think better, reduce the risk of making bad decisions and save time. Super Thinking seeks to achieve this by using mental models, that is, implementing the thought patterns developed by various scientific disciplines implemented into our daily lives. Concepts such as antifragility, the filter bubble, the veil of ignorance and cognitive distortion become an extensive toolbox for improving the performance of our brains. Remember, it can be trained like a muscle!

Super Thinking
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Mental models allow for better thinking

Thinking can become a superpower if we learn to harness mental models, in other words, patterns of thinking based on general concepts which help us understand a situation more quickly, allowing us to make better decisions both personally and professionally. These models provide shortcuts to deeper reasoning: once we get the general gist of a case, we can skip "basic" thinking, and immediately reach the highest level. Our intuition —or quick thinking— is mainly based on the reactions our brain has already recorded. It will replicate them without the need to reflect further, sometimes causing more harm than anything else. By contrast, logical thinking, also called slow thinking, is triggered in uncertain situations with which we are not yet familiar.

To improve our instincts, we need to learn as many mental models as possible, to be able to apply them quickly.


The key ideas of "Super Thinking "

Mental models allow for better thinking
How to be less wrong
Seeing things from someone else’s perspective and increasing empathy
Individual choices have global consequences
The risk of striving for perfection and the problem of abundance
Choose what to invest in and do it quickly
Avoiding misleading certainties and making surveys reliable
How to take advantage of the psychology of persuasion
Establish and increase your market power
Take-home message

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