Tales from the Ant World

Edward O. Wilson

Tales from the Ant World



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Tales from the Ant World takes us on a fascinating journey into the world of ants. Edward O. Wilson, passionate myrmecologist (someone who studies ants!) leads us into the world of these tiny creatures who have evolved since prehistoric times, and have managed to colonise most of our world by adapting to different terrains, temperatures, and environments. The result is a fascinating portrait of an insect that is largely overlooked, and which in fact has various unique and curious characteristics that are truly fascinating, from the organisation of the colony to the peculiar method they use to communicate with each other, to name just a couple. Many different ant species have been identified worldwide, and their ability to work together for the good of the colony is really something to behold.

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Analysis and key concepts


Myrmecology is the scientific name for the study into the behaviour of ants


There are many different species of ants all over the world, and some of them can be dangerous


The organisation of an ant’s nest is perfect, and it is matriarchal


Ants communicate in a fascinating way: through taste and smell


A little experiment to help understand ants better




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Many useful tips to:

  • Discover the many different species of ants all around the world.
  • Understand the different roles that ants play within their colonies.
  • Learn about the purposes of ant farms, and the extreme precision with which the ants interact with one another.

Edward O. Wilson is one of the world’s most beloved scientists, and has dedicated his whole life to the study of ant behavior. Born in Alabama in 1929, he discovered his passion for ants at a very young age. After he graduated in Biology from the University of Alabama, he began to teach while also continuing to work as a researcher. He has received several accolades for his studies, and has won the much coveted Pulitzer Prize twice for his books On Human Nature and The Ants, which he wrote with Bert Holldobler.

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