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A must read from the ancient world that is as true today as the day it was written, if not even more so: the Tao Te Ching, the sacred Taoist text, is a source of inspiration for anyone, not just spiritual types, and is a true guide to help reflect on human beings and the meaning of Life. The understanding of the world involves leading a virtuous existence, which we can all do by studying the Tao: a positive message from the past to shine a light in these challenging times.

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Analysis and key concepts


In a few enlightening aphorisms, using the power of paradox, we can understand the origin of all things in the world; a mysterious and indefinable Tao, and of course, man himself


To understand and embrace the concepts expressed in the Tao Te Ching, we must move away from our usual way of thinking: Taoism is not a religion or a philosophy, nor is it a science, it is a set of principles that propose a specific way of life


When we live in harmony with the Tao, we let go of our desires and the need to fulfil them. Consequently, we do not try to impose our will. In fact, we do not "try" to do anything, much less understand, distinguish, or make choices


The Master does not "do" anything, because doing something means identifying a "something", that is, dividing it from the Whole. Doing nothing is not the same as not acting, the Master does not withdraw, he is fully engaged in this world


In unity with the Tao, we can rediscover the innate abilities that we have neglected, and build a life full of honour and peace, reclaiming the depth of our existence


Our way of life, a combination of work, commitments, and problems to be solved in ever greater numbers than the time we have available, leads us to perform many of our daily duties with our mind on something else: the practice of multi-tasking is also recognised as counterproductive to the state of Tao




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Lao Tzu, known by many names, including Laozi and Lao Tse, is one of the major Chinese philosophers, whose actual existence some people question, still today. According to common belief, however, Lao Tzu lived in the 6th century BC, and is considered the founder of Taoism. In the first century A.D. he became the chief deity of the Taoist religion.

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