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The 1-Page Marketing Plan

Creating an effective marketing strategy on a tight budget

In The 1-Page Marketing Plan, the author outlines how to improve a company's image while increasing profits by implementing a well-planned and orchestrated marketing strategy. This book presents the three phases that make up a marketing plan, which literally take up a single page. With this book you will discover how to use this strategy to get new customers, avoid the mistake of following the marketing models of large companies, create a personalized marketing strategy, and obtain excellent results on a small budget.

The 1-Page Marketing Plan
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Many useful tips to:

  • Grow your business quickly using a focused marketing strategy.
  • Study the direct response marketing strategy and speed up its implementation in your company.
  • Learn how to gain, meet and retain customers through marketing.

The author of the book:

Allan Dib is an entrepreneur, marketing expert and technology specialist. He has set up, developed and sold several companies in various sectors. Business Review Weekly magazine selected his latest success, a telecommunications company, as one of the Australian companies with the highest short-term growth rate. Allan chose to dedicate his life to helping companies find new and innovative ways to leverage technology and marketing to support rapid growth. And as a business trainer, consultant and speaker, Allan shares both his strategies and tactics at conferences around the world.


The secret of success and ways to use it to grow a company

Italian economist Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto noticed that 20% of the population owned 80% of Italian land. This led to the "Pareto principle", which states that 80% of the consequences result from 20% of the causes. In fact, this principle can also be applied to yourself; if you take 80% of eighty and 20% of twenty, you get, comparatively, 64/4. Thus, if 64% of the consequences are the result of 4% of the causes, it implies that our success is mostly due to 4% of our actions. Therefore, the great secret of successful people is to put emphasis on those 4% of actions that give an advantage. What is the activity that benefits a company the most? Marketing. If your organization improves its marketing strategy, even by 10%, this can lead to exponentially improved final results. You could say that marketing accounts for 20% of the activity that creates 80% of the results. But let's better define what marketing is:

  • Marketing is the strategy for making your brand known to the market segment you are focusing on and to encourage its audience to trust you, until they become customers. Promotion, advertising, offers or public relations are some of the tactics that can be used to achieve this. Strategy and tactics are complementary and cannot work without each other.

The key ideas of "The 1-Page Marketing Plan"

The secret of success and ways to use it to grow a company
The most appropriate marketing strategy for a small business and why you should not follow the example of the giants
The "One-page marketing" strategy can be divided into three phases: the "Before" phase
The "during" phase focuses on leads
The "after" phase for the customer
Take-home message

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