The 5 AM Club
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The 5 AM Club

Understanding how to be more productive

It is not at all true that geniuses are born: applying yourself in a serious and consistent manner will enable you to train yourself to become one. If applied with determination, the advice provided in The 5am Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life will add a blast of energy to your day, helping you to transform your whole life, step by step.

The 5 AM Club
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Living the same week over and over again is not living: to achieve true happiness, we have to step outside of our comfort zones.

Everyone is born with a feeling that they will be great, but silently and slowly, society seeks to reduce us all to the same levels of mediocrity. Children are taught to recognise their limits, when really limits are only mental traps, and the first steps towards bowing to excuses, towards our fears, and our doubts.

For many people, life is nothing like the one they had imagined as children: days are repetitive, full of worries and responsibilities, whilst creativity and energy are stifled. Too many people tire themselves out with insignificant objectives and chase fleeting pleasure through technological devices, often ending up trapped in the modern-day prison that this digital routine has created.

The good news is that it does not matter what stage you are at in life – it is always the right time to shake things up and make your life more gratifying. Of course, no one ever said that it is easy: you need to be determined and face challenges, even those of the most significant kind, without allowing regret or embarrassment to impede you from achieving the glory of a fantastic future.

The suffering that is felt during your personal growth is one of the greatest sources of satisfaction: true inner peace comes with the awareness of having done everything absolutely necessary to become the best version of yourself. Jazz legend Miles Davis pushed himself beyond his limits more than anyone else that had come before him in his field, unleashing and expressing his full potential. Michelangelo made enormous sacrifices from a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual point of view when creating his art. Rosa Parks, a humble seamstress showed  exceptional courage and faced searing humiliation when she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on the bus during the period of racial segregation in America, giving rise to the civil rights movement.

Becoming a legend is not easy, but it is better to take the rugged road than remain shackled in mediocrity.


The key ideas of "The 5 AM Club"

Living the same week over and over again is not living: to achieve true happiness, we have to step outside of our comfort zones.
The power of awareness: to be successful, you must consistently concentrate on daily results.
Ironically, reaching the peak of the entrepreneurial world is easy: there is no competition at the top because so few people truly give their best every day.
The fundamental principles required to become an extraordinary – and extremely successful – person, are easy to recognise, but difficult to follow.
Neurobiological sabotage: The closer you are to being a genius, the more you want to avoid it
The difference between ordinary and successful people is that the second category is able to force themselves to do what the first group doesn’t want to do: it is a matter of training your willpower
Forming habits is a powerful tool, as it makes even the most difficult actions easier
Why a 5am start? The first 60 minutes of the day become the key to success when you apply the 20/20/20 formula.
A good day is the result of a good night’s sleep, so it all begins with the night before and carefully managing the closing hours of the day.
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