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The Art of Creative Thinking
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The Art of Creative Thinking

Getting to know creative thinking in order to free our creativity

A creative mind grows without aging, it does not allow itself to be influenced by external events, it is always curious, enthusiastic and hungry. From Frida Kahlo, to Salvador Dalì, from Bill Gates to Nikola Tesla, everyone has achieved success thanks to this approach. The Art of Creative Thinking presents anecdotes from the life of the greatest sculptors, painters, thinkers and inventors of all time, to examine the mechanisms of a creative mind and better understand how they can also be applied in everyday life. Creativity, in fact, is not just about art exhibits or artistic events, it is relevant to all aspects of life.

The Art of Creative Thinking
Read in 15 min.
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Do: the first step for a creative who wants to bring an idea to life

Creativity and creative thinking are almost always associated with artistic manifestations such as music or painting, and are seen by many people as something risky, because they cannot be controlled. In reality, creative thinking can be applied to any market sector and in any situation: it is not, in fact, a professional activity, but an attitude, a way of being, of thinking and relating to the rest of the world. Creativity touches and enriches every aspect of life. If we think of personalities of the calibre of Salvador Dalí this is obvious: not only did he paint, but he was a performing artist and a writer, as well as making movies and participating in a series of design exhibits - from jewellery to architecture - all of which earn him the  respect of a “Grand Artiste”. He even discovered and helped the career of inventor, Amanda Lear, who worked in a night club and called herself Peki d’Oslo. Following Dali’s advice and changing her name to Lear directly contributed to her success. We all possess an infinite number of creative abilities, and all we need to do is learn how to use them.


The key ideas of "The Art of Creative Thinking"

Do: the first step for a creative who wants to bring an idea to life
Feeling inadequate helps us to create: it is important to step out of your comfort zone
The cult of the creative genius started with Michelangelo, an artist whose journey would be impossible today
The creative mind looks for imperfections and reacts constructively to negative events
Rivalry can spark the creative mind and help it achieve success
Growing without aging, the secret to all creative minds
Frank Lloyd Wright: an architect who achieved success without following the traditional academic path
The objective of the creative mind is not to have objectives
Creative minds can create because they know how to live in the present and can get into their creative flow
To set creativity free, it is necessary to open the mind and work in an environment with no hierarchies
The creative mind is not a fan of luxury: freeing the physical space serves to work without interference
Transforming struggles into strengths and using your past experiences to help you improve: Frida Kahlo and Howard Schultz
Teaching is a great way to learn
Take-home message
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