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The Art of Gathering

Turn useless, boring meetings into opportunities for growth and stimulation

Why do we so often end up disappointed by the meetings we take part in? What are the factors that help turn a company meeting into an opportunity to exchange ideas and share opinions or a family dinner into an unforgettable evening? As both organisers and guests, we often tend not to give the events in which we participate the importance they deserve in our lives, and this is why we remain stuck in a cycle of constant encounters that have no meaning or character. Luckily there is something we can do to change this, and the expert facilitator Priya Parker explains how in her book The art of gathering: how we meet and why it matters.

The Art of Gathering
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Getting together is an activity that is often undervalued

Humans are social animals, and yet, if we look around us, our lack of satisfaction with the way we meet up with others is palpable. This was confirmed, for example, by an American study carried out in 2013, according to which 75% of the people interviewed were unhappy with their relationships with their friends. Another survey carried out by State of Enterprise Work in 2015 showed that the main obstacle to a productive working day for many employees was meetings, which they defined as a waste of time.

There seems to be a problem with our events, and yet, even though we are aware of it, nobody does anything to change things: day after day, we continue to plan dinners, meetings and organise our gatherings in the same way, focussing on the logistics instead of the purpose, people’s needs and their conversations.


The key ideas of "The Art of Gathering"

Getting together is an activity that is often undervalued
In order to be successful, every meeting should have a purpose
To organise a great event you need to know how to accept and use your own authority
What makes a gathering magical is the creation of an alternate universe
The preparation and launch of an event are as important as the event itself
A successful gathering brings together authentic people and good controversy
The ending of an event is a key part of making sure the participants leave with with good memories
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