The Best Place to Work

Ron Friedman

The Best Place to Work



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In his book, The Best Place to Work, award-winning psychologist, RonFriedman, uses the latest research from the fields of motivation, creativity, behavioural economics, neuroscience, and management, to reveal what really makes us successful at work. Combining powerful stories with cutting-edge revelations, Friedman shows leaders at every level how they can promote smarter thinking, greater innovation, and stronger performance. The Best Place to Work is about the physical environment and the experience of working there, taking into consideration both people and context, and their private and professional lives. Nowadays we have all the tools we could possibly need to make a workplace extraordinary, the only thing that remains is to use them.

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Analysis and key concepts


The success of a company has a lot to do with creating the right working environment


Other components contributing to a pleasant working environment


If you want to see real results, investments need to be made in the personnel as well as the physical space in which they work


Mini motivational strategies to motivate employees and create a sense of belonging


Three key components that make a workplace extraordinary




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Inspire you to think about the different environments in which we work, and how they affect us.
  • Help you understand how an extraordinary workplace can be created.
  • Learn a few techniques to enhance creativity and motivation in the workplace.

Ron Friedman is an award winning psychologist, and founder of the consultancy firm ignite80, which helps companies create and build ideal workplaces. A human motivation expert, Ron has written multiple book chapters and academic journal articles on the science of achievement, creativity and happiness. Prior to launching ignite80, Ron served on the faculty of the University of Rochester, Nazareth College, and Hobart and William Smith Colleges. His studies have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and The Guardian. He also contributes to the blogs of Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Psychology Today.

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