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The Bullet Journal Method

How to be more focused on your goals

Time management, efficiency, and productivity: these topics are increasingly important in our busy lives. Ryder Carroll explains the method that has spread worldwide and helps people achieve their goals every day through the mindful and creative management of daily tasks. The Bullet Journal method is a flexible system that can be easily tailored to our needs, that helps us to firstly become aware of our priorities and then go on to achieve them, bringing more meaning to our lives. Writing down the things most important to us in an offline space allows for a daily evaluation of our existence.

The Bullet Journal Method
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Many useful tips to:

  • Be more organised, productive, and increase concentration levels.
  • Organise daily life and long-term goals simultaneously.
  • Create a space offline so you can concentrate on the things that matter.
  • Get more results by working on less.

The author of the book:

Ryder Carroll is a graphic designer involved in innovative digital solutions, who became world famous following his invention of the Bullet Journal Method. As a child, he was diagnosed with an attention disorder and so looked for other ways to remain focused and productive, leading to the development of an effective method, especially for himself. Born in Vienna, he moved to the United States to study, where he still lives and works as a graphic designer and as a teacher of the Bullet Journal Method. As a result of his work, he has been featured in numerous newspapers, including the New York Times, LA Times, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal.


The Bullet Journal Method is your ongoing autobiography: it helps you to remain in the now, treasure your past, and plan your goals for the future

The Bullet Journal is a tool that helps us better organise our days and objectives, with the added bonus of making the people that use it feel more balanced, secure, and motivated.

It can be thought of as an autobiography in progress – a way to keep track of things which, thanks to our frenetic lifestyle, can be easily missed, as well a way to revisit the past that has led up to this point in time, and plan our future with intention.

The Bullet Journal encourages you to learn from the past, reflect on the mistakes made, acknowledge what worked, and gradually learn to distinguish the more meaningful elements from those that are irrelevant. It allows us to increase our awareness, which is essential when it comes to making decisions that align with our principles, and to change our life’s course,  if we find it heading in an undesirable direction. 

The Bullet Journal helps us to lead a life of intention, starting from an awareness of our mind and how it works. Everyday, we all have so many thoughts that if each of them was a word, we would have enough material to be able to fill a book a day!

The problem is that these thoughts never leave our minds in an ordered and consistent way, as they would, were they a book, but rather in a disorderly and random fashion. Our minds subsequently find themselves forced to fight an overload of thoughts that are clogging it up – all of this at the expense of our ability to concentrate and prioritise in an attempt to lead a completely satisfying existence. We find ourselves totally “run off our feet”, unhappy and lacking time, because instead of focusing on the things that count, we find ourselves getting lost, scrambling to keep up with thousands of commitments.

The Bullet Journal method helps us to focus on a few relevant objectives, reducing the number of decisions that we have to make each day, inadvertently reducing our stress levels and the associated drain on our energy. Just think of Steve Jobs, who always wore jeans and a black turtleneck because he did not have time to decide what to wear, as he was too busy concentrating all of his decision-making energy on his business ventures!


The key ideas of "The Bullet Journal Method"

The Bullet Journal Method is your ongoing autobiography: it helps you to remain in the now, treasure your past, and plan your goals for the future
Prepare everything you need: paper, pen, and a notebook, and remember that writing things by hand is your most important tool!
To face your daily routine in a better way, use a rapid logging system, with a clear list of items organised by level of priority
The Collections are the building blocks of the Bullet Journal and are comprised of an index, daily log, monthly log, and future log
Use Migration to get more done by working on fewer things
If you want to lead a satisfying life, make sure you are the one writing the story
Daily reflection is an important practice that allows you to take stock of the situation and nurture intentionality
Celebrate your achievements and focus on the things that you have the power to change
Radiance: be someone that radiates light, and be kind to yourself
Customisation is key when keeping your Bullet Journal
Take-home message

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