The Burnout Fix
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The Burnout Fix

Self-care as the key to overcoming burnout

Recognised by the World Health Organization, burnout is the health emergency of modern times. More and more people suffer from it, because the pace of life and work are often far too intense, and they leave no room for our physiological and mental need for rest. In The Burnout Fix, psychologist Jacinta Jiménez explains how we can take care of ourselves and find a balance that allows us to manage our professional and private lives without getting exhausted, simply by putting a few strategies in place that can help us achieve the results we desire, but without overdoing it. 

The Burnout Fix
Read in 15 min.
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Understanding what burnout is to avoid making the mistake of taking on too much

The pace of both work and daily life can be extremely frenetic in these modern times, and people often end up thinking that they are not doing enough, or that they should work harder to achieve more in less time. At times, we might find ourselves having to manage several different things that each require our full attention, such as caring for a family member who is unwell, which happened to the author, psychologist Jacinta Jiménez: when she was studying for her final exams at university, she had to take care of her older brother, an experience she shares to help to demonstrate what happens when we push ourselves to the limit, to then end up completely exhausted.

This is burnout, something that can happen to anyone, not only people who live a fast-paced life: you get drawn into a spiral that drains all your energy and, since you have so much to do, you can never find the time to stop and recharge your batteries. This is how you can end up in a very fragile state, both emotionally and physically: it becomes hard to concentrate, difficult to sleep properly, you are always tired, and you struggle to get anything done.


The key ideas of "The Burnout Fix "

Understanding what burnout is to avoid making the mistake of taking on too much
Finding your own pace and sticking to it is the only way to live a peaceful life
Disproving burnout myths and identifying the three key components
Strategy 1: finding the right pace for performance
Strategy 2: Undo untidy thinking
Using the three Cs to get your thoughts in order: Curiosity, compassion, and calibration
Using mindfulness techniques, meditation and breathing exercises is essential to learn to get your thoughts in order
Strategy 3: making the most of your free time to recharge your batteries in silence, in nature and in solitude
Strategy 4: secure support, because no one can do everything alone
Strategy 5: evaluate effort and remember that “less is more”
Take-home message
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