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Learn the key ideas of the book by R. Dreeke , C. Stauth

The Code of Trust

A counterintelligence expert’s 5 rules for success

From veteran of federal service Robin Dreeke of the FBI and the Marines, we learn how companies become happier and more productive by using the Code of Trust. We will learn the 5 principles that the code is based on, the 4 steps to inspire trust and some useful tips to help us navigate each moment of the day based on the type of person in front of us. A true guide for entrepreneurs and team managers.

The Code of Trust
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The Code of Trust

The Code of Trust is a system developed by Robin Dreeke; it was tested and implemented during his years of work in the field. It is neither a strategy nor a leadership system, but it is a set of principles to understand and store your daily life. Since its creation these principles have changed the culture of whole companies and created fulfilled employees, leaving them with high spirits and therefore inevitably more productive. The book is full of anecdotes on how the author used and tested his methodology during spy missions that he undertook as an FBI agent. The method is simple but it’s implementation requires a lot of effort, which is encouraged several times in the reader throughout the book.

The main concept is: inspiring trust is not a game of prestige, neither is it an esoteric activity. Instead it is in fact an effort to be cooperative, empathetic and focused on improving oneself as a person, both professionally and personally.

For this reason the question is not how to use the book “The Code of Trust” but rather how does a person become deserving of trust?


The key ideas of "The Code of Trust"

The Code of Trust
The power of trust and leadership
The 5 points of the Code of Trust
How to inspire trust in 4 steps
Learn when you can negotiate based on the personality of the person in front of you
The 3 techniques to connect with anyone
15 exercises to avoid losing trust and reinforcing the Code of Trust
Take-home message

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