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The Courage Map
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Learn the key ideas of the book by Franziska Iseli

The Courage Map

13 principles for facing life with courage

In The Courage Map, Franziska Iseli provides useful tools for living courageously, and leading an exciting life. Based on her personal experience, the author lists the advantages of a more spontaneous and adventurous existence. Breaking free from old patterns, however, is not easy, and requires the a strong desire to look inside ourselves, and experience new things.

The Courage Map
Read in 13 min.
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Brave people accept their fear, but don’t let it stop them, or allow it to make them give up on their dreams

Franziska Iseli wrote this book following an life-changing trip she took in 2018, when she set off on her motorbike from her native Switzerland to Asia, in order to drive along the ancient Silk Road, the 8,000-kilometre trade route, which once linked the Chinese and Roman empires. The project was undoubtedly ambitious and teeming with obstacles. In addition to the long distances, the author would have to confront various other challenges, to struggle against various issues, such as extreme weather conditions, bike maintenance, as well as difficult and dangerous roads. In short, she had plenty of reasons to be afraid, and avoid the entire experience. 

However, Iseli embarked on her journey regardless, and felt an enormous sense of satisfaction when she had finally completed it. It was undoubtedly her courage that drove her to take this important step, and it was a quality she had to cultivate and work on with perseverance and willpower. Courage is not a magical power, which some of us naturally have, and others do not. It is a gift, which we can build through experience, and by committing to working hard on ourselves. This work is not always easy, and strengthening our courage must be done hand in hand with facing our fears. Courage and fear are often intertwined, and this is perfectly normal. After all, it is natural for anything which falls outside of our everyday routine to seem fascinating, but at the same time threatening and scary. This is why Iseli maintains that we must not simply banish our fears, and pretend that they do not exist, but accept them, and be brave, despite the fact that they will try to hold us back. So, we need to go ahead with our plans, and remember that fear will always be a part of our journey, in one way or another.


The key ideas of "The Courage Map"

Brave people accept their fear, but don’t let it stop them, or allow it to make them give up on their dreams
Recognising our desires, and freeing ourselves from external pressure, allows us to become braver
In order to deal with our doubts and fears, which go hand in hand with brave actions, we need an injection of confidence
In order to live courageously, we must open our heart, and connect with universal values, such as respect, generosity, and compassion
Striving for perfection makes us insecure, and prevents us from taking important steps
Breaking free from desire, and the constant search for gratification, leads to a more free and exciting life
In order to become more courageous, we must invest in our own growth, and seek to constantly evolve
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