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The Digital Transformation Playbook

How to survive the transformation into the digital age

Relationships between users and services, as well as competition between companies, marketing and communication, have all been impacted by the advent of the digital era, and everything needs to be redesigned. The Digital Transformation Playbook: Rethink Your Business for the Digital Age deals with every aspect of running a company and provides guidance on how to understand the strategies that need to be applied to make a business run successfully in this new digital age.

The Digital Transformation Playbook
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Internet is the new energy: every successful company has learned to make the most of the potential offered by online giants such as Google

The first achievements of the Industrial Revolution, which were hydro power and steam engines, forced factories to be built in specific places, and according to specific plans. With the advent of electricity at the end of the nineteenth century, these obstacles were overcome.

Today, we could compare the big digital companies, such as Google and Amazon, to the electric companies in the early nineteen hundreds, observing that the companies who saw how to take advantage of the potential of these giants, by reorganising and evolving, were very successful. So how did they do it?

Digital transformation has completely turned the five fundamental pillars of every business upside down: their relationships with customers, the competition between companies, the gathering and using of data, the ability to innovate, and the value given to their products.

First of all, the active participation of customers, through their reviews, has a much bigger influence than any company-driven advertisements, and has become a determining factor in a business’ success, along with the intelligent use of a multitude of data to which they have access nowadays. Companies need to play the long game, knowing that their customers’ preferences change very quickly and that competing companies are always looking for opportunities to break through. The problem today, is that all companies are potential rivals, even those traditionally linked to different fields: commercial nets have become much wider and we need to take this into account.

In addition, where traditionally the business of innovation used to be very expensive, today’s digital technology facilitates continuous testing, basically in real time, and new products are put on the market at a speed that we have never seen before.


The key ideas of "The Digital Transformation Playbook"

Internet is the new energy: every successful company has learned to make the most of the potential offered by online giants such as Google
Customers have become real collaborators who play a part in the development of the product, the service and therefore also in the marketing
The digital revolution has redefined the concept of competition, making the relationships between companies far less intuitive
We must not underestimate the value of data, it should be understood and well organised
Ongoing experimentation is possible by transforming every customer action into a test
Added value: the company needs to offer value wherever possible, not only at the customer’s request
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