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Brad Stone

The Everything Store



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Amazon does not owe its success to luck. Intuition, foresight and nerves of steel are just some of the characteristics that its founder, Jeff Bezos, had to draw upon to bring the startup he created in 1998 through the dot com bubble. The company radically evolved, sort of “died and was reborn”, and came back stronger each time. The Everything Store tells the story of how an online bookshop became a shop that sells literally everything, while also providing proof that a visionary project needs an unstoppable leader.

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Analysis and key concepts


The “anything store” started as an online library as big as the biggest river in the world


The initial team is not ready for growth, Bezos gets rid of everyone, even Kaphan


The Americans don’t read much, but they love postal delivery: the opportunity springs from the problem, and from the problem springs the “everything store”


Simplifying customers’ lives to improve company results: the recipe for success is all in one click


2005: the advent of Google forced Bezos to become an IT entrepreneur, to kill his first business and to plan the Kindle




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Brad Stone is an American journalist who graduated from Columbia University, and lives in San Francisco Bay. He works at Bloomberg News as a supervisor in the high tech, startup and global IT trend sector, and has been writing for the New York Times’ Businessweek since 2006. Published in 2013, his book about the story of Amazon and its founder has been translated into 26 languages and won the Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Business Book prize.

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