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The Four

The hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google

In his book, Scott Galloway analyzes the four most influential tech companies in the world, investigating how they have accumulated so much power and modified the lifestyle of the entire world. In the book, we will find the market strategies used by Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple, in order to understand how they have become so popular. This awareness should lead us to reflect on the consequences of this reality and the actions that we should adopt regarding these changes.

The Four
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The tech giants: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google

In recent years four tech giants have created connections, prosperity, and discoveries that have shown more than any other company in history could do. Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google have created thousands of high-paying jobs and have built a vast array of products and services that are already part of the daily lives of billions of people. But they are not mythical creatures or unicorns , and with this book, the author tries to go behind the scenes and get a closer look, to understand how four companies have managed to accumulate so much power and change the lifestyle of the entire world. Instead of bowing to the myth of these big companies, Scott Galloway asks himself - and invites readers to ask themselves - how have they managed to infiltrate our lives? How do they survive and grow by taking control of the rules? If another company behaved this way, it would surely be punished; so where does this inequality come from? The answer is that they manipulate us and they understand which buttons must be pushed to do so. Since we have to live with them, we have to understand how they have managed to become so loved. In this book, Scott Galloway reveals the market strategies of the BIG 4, as they are known today. He teaches us how they manipulate the basic emotions that link us directly with our cave-dwelling ancestors and explains how to survive in a world dominated by them.


The key ideas of "The Four"

The tech giants: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google
Amazon and the retail revolution
Apple teaches us to sell an emotion
Facebook and the happiness of sharing
Sell yourself as a service of public interest: Google
Which companies should we keep an eye on in the future?
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