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The Fun Formula

Work while having fun using smart strategies

Today's society has made us accustomed to making ourselves feel valued if we live for work, and having free time makes us feel guilty. How can we change this oddity and be happy?

The Fun Formula will show us how to have no regrets and act to minimize them. We will understand the concept of smart working, we will see that having fun and playing can change our perspective, help us to believe that our passions can become our profession, and enable us to consider failure an opportunity.

Many useful tips for those who want to turn their lives around by getting to know themselves better, looking from a different perspective at what affects and surrounds them; in short, a true self-improvement journey, written by Joel Comm, author of numerous best sellers.

The Fun Formula
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Many useful tips to:

  • Help those who need good motivations to tackle change.
  • Find the right balance between work and private life.
  • Help those who are tired of being martyred exclusively for work.

The author of the book:

Joel Comm is an American author, expert in online marketing. He began his career as a radio speaker and then devoted himself to the world of the Internet, initially focusing on creating games and apps. He is a successful entrepreneur and has built his fortune through online advertising and sales. He is the creator of the television program The Next Internet Millionaire. Very active in the publishing sector, his books have been New York Times best sellers on no less than 14 occasions.


The benefits of stepping out of the comfort zone

Being an entrepreneur and working for yourself can make you more productive and notably more effective, especially if you know how to find the fun side of what you do.

Life is not the destination, but the journey itself, and is characterized by all the people we meet and the experiences we share with them.

Sometimes it is necessary to get out of the comfort zone and live new experiences, without too many expectations: it is precisely in these moments that you can learn new, unexpected things, from which you can obtain advantages, especially when it comes to relationships.


The key ideas of "The Fun Formula"

The benefits of stepping out of the comfort zone
Why start a change?
How to find the courage to take a new approach to life
What does fun mean?
Who am I
Working hard vs working smart
Learn to be authentic and not deny reality
The difference between luck and illusion
Work and play are made to go together
Hobbies can become carriers, and often do...
Choose your friends wisely
Hooray to failure!
Be willing to shift
The importance of showing up
Hustling does not guarantee success
A little leverage goes a long way
Timing is everything
The path to reach our goal is not straight
Take-home message

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