The Future Is Faster Than You Think

Steven Kotler, Peter H. Diamandis

The Future Is Faster Than You Think



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The Future is Faster Than You Think: the technologies of the future are developing at a pace that we could not have ever foreseen, and for humans, it has become essential to understand how they work, and what their extraordinary progress can add to our lives. By studying fields such as nutrition, healthcare, education, entertainment and shopping, authors Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler provide ideas, solutions and simple explanations about complex technologies which will become more integrated into our daily lives: from artificial intelligence to robotics, from 3D printing to biotechnology, and from virtual reality to quantum computing and beyond. 

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Analysis and key concepts


New technologies accelerate and converge, guaranteeing us a level of progress never before seen


Quantum computing, AI, sensor networks: the future is within our reach


From robotics to augmented reality, to 3D printing and beyond: the implications of powerful tech


Acceleration technology has causes and consequences which could change our world


The future of shopping and advertising: intelligent clothes, digital assistants, and futuristic experiences


The future of entertainment and learning: personalisation and immersion are top priorities


The future of health and longevity: revising the concept of our health at a technological level


The future of insurance, finance, the property market, and food: no intermediaries and zero waste


Environmental and financial threat: new tech provides solutions and opportunities


The future points towards five new migrations of a real, spatial, and virtual nature




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Many useful tips to:

  • Get a better understanding of the technologies defining our future.
  • Stay up to date on upcoming transformations in the fields of entertainment, health, nutrition and many more.
  • Think about our need as human beings to adapt to imminent challenges and begin to work with technology instead of against it.

Steven Kotler is an author, a multi-award winning journalist and co-founder and director of research of the Flow Genome Project.His books include Tomorrowland, Bold and The Rise of Superman.They have been translated in over 40 languages and he has written articles for more than 80 magazines such as “The New York Times”, “Wired”, “Forbes” and “Time” to name just a few.He is one of the most requested speakers on the subject of technology, innovation and peak performance.

Peter H Diamandis is a best-selling author, and the founder of more than 15 high tech companies. He is the CEO of XPRIZE, and executive president of Singularly University, an institution with headquarters in Silicon Valley, supported by Google 3-D systems and NASA. Diamandis is Co president of Planetary Resources Inc., and cofounder of Human Longevity Inc. He obtained a degree in molecular genetics and aerospace engineering at MIT and a PhD at Harvard Medical School. In 2014 he was nominated one of the “50 best leaders in the world” by Fortune magazine.

Publishing house:

Simon & Schuster