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The Great CEO Within

Running a company with determination and awareness

Many people dream about starting their own company, but founders often find themselves facing unexpected challenges, with no time to learn everything they need to know. So what should they do? Matt Mochary has worked with managers for years, helping them to achieve success and stability for their business. He explains that the secret is knowing ourselves and working on our habits, hiring the right team and enabling the members to work together, as well as seeking investments, and improving recruitment procedures.

The Great CEO Within
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Before creating a company, we first need to understand our customers and their problem, in order to find our Product-Market Fit

Making a company work requires many different skills, which CEOs often do not have in the beginning stages. Matt Mochary believes the first thing we need to do is understand why the company was created, and proposes that there is only one valid reason: the desire to understand the customer's need, and satisfy that need by offering the right services and products. 

It is essential to find our Product-Market Fit (or PMF), a value that determines to what extent our product is able to meet the needs of a specific market. 

This is the starting point for all future steps. Based on personal experience in his company and during his time coaching managers, Mochary has drawn up a series of instructions on starting a business, as well as managing individual habits, group habits, infrastructure, collaboration, and processes, and gives practical advice on what to do as a CEO. 

Mochary covers several areas, from effective team building, to the importance of successfully meeting daily targets, and measuring energy levels against well-being and collaboration. The risk of error is high, not least because events tend to unfold rapidly after the startup of a company, and founders often feel they do not have enough time to learn. On the other hand, taking time to learn allows for the best chance of success.


The key ideas of "The Great CEO Within"

Before creating a company, we first need to understand our customers and their problem, in order to find our Product-Market Fit
Getting started: it is better to co-found a company, but 50/50 partnerships risk ending up in a deadlock
Don't rush: the first product or service should always be a prototype
Individual habits are the basis of a company's success, which is why CEOs must monitor and improve their own
Planning our most urgent tasks and respecting other people's time helps us achieve success
A CEO should show gratitude and appreciation for other people's work, and not be afraid to praise partners, collaborators, and employees
Managers must take care of their physical and mental health
A leader's main responsibilities to their team are making decisions, ensuring everyone understands their duties, and being transparent
Conscious leadership as an alternative to traditional leadership
Infrastructure is fundamental for a company: its efficiency and reliability enable employees to perform at their best
Growth is a delicate process for any company: its leader must avoid a decline in productivity by strengthening collective collaboration
The best way to consolidate the company's economic standing is to create human relationships with investors before approaching them for funding
Onboarding new employees is a delicate task that takes time
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