The Headspace Guide to... Mindfulness & Meditation

Andy Puddicombe

The Headspace Guide to... Mindfulness & Meditation



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The Headspace Guide to Mindfulness and Meditation explains exactly what it means to meditate, how to do it and the scientifically proven benefits it can have on our health. Andy Puddicombe shares everything he knows about meditation and mindfulness, providing us with a practical guide which teaches us how to train our minds and helps us to create “headspace”, as a natural state in which we can experience presence and calm.

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Analysis and key concepts


Demystify meditation and make it accessible to as many people as possible: this is the Headspace project


Mindfulness is the ability to be present in the moment, meditation is the best way to learn this skill, and headspace is the result


The misconceptions about meditating: meditating doesn’t mean stopping your thoughts or getting rid of them. It means taking a step back and watching how our mind works


The mind usually behaves like a wild horse, but its natural state can be compared to a clear blue sky, calm and serene


Meditation is based on two essential elements: concentration, the calming factor, and clarity, which offers us a deeper understanding


Meditation is an effortless effort that can help us a great deal in our daily lives


Meditation is a practice and it only works if we do it: ten minutes a day is enough to change our lives


Find the right place to meditate, maintain an alert, yet relaxed posture and don’t get tired of repetition to sharpen this skill




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Many useful tips to:

  • Train the mind to live in a natural state of calm and presence.
  • Learn to observe your thoughts and emotions without judging them or trying to stop them.
  • Effortlessly integrate mindfulness into your everyday life.

Andy Puddicombe is a mindfulness and meditation expert. Still in his early twenties, he left his studies and the UK to travel to Asia to study meditation. For ten years he lived as a guest of various monasteries around the world; he learned a series of different meditation techniques and became a Buddhist monk. Then he went back home, studied Circus Arts in London and began to teach meditation privately. In 2010, he launched the Headspace project, a website for health and meditation, with Richard Pearson. Today the app has more than 30 million users in more than 190 countries. Puddicombe lives in California with his family.

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