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The Indestructible Brand

The guide to managing social media in a crisis situation.

The Indestructible Brand is a practical guide on how to prevent a crisis on social media and how to manage it in the best way possible, should one arise. The authors show us the basic steps we need to take to create an instruction manual and to manage any potential problems threatening our brand's reputation by nipping them neatly in the bud. Since news and comments on social media travel at an incredible speed, a company needs to be ready to intervene quickly and efficiently, in order to fix any situation that may put their image at risk. This is the only way for a brand to stand the test of time.

The Indestructible Brand
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In the digital era a brand’s reputation is constantly at risk

The digital age that we live in opens up infinite opportunities for communication and sharing, the likes of which humans have never seen. We can tell everyone everything really quickly. This means that we are constantly subjected to all manner of criticisms and comments; and the same applies to companies: anyone can talk about our products at any time. If we accept the infinite possibilities that the digital era has to offer, we also need to accept the constant challenges.

If we make a mistake or take our eye off the ball, even for a second, it can lead to an immediate crisis (thanks to the pervasive nature of social media).

A less than perfect quality ingredient in our restaurant, a photo in poor taste posted on social media by one of our colleagues, a supplier that treats employees badly: these are all details that can get around the virtual world in just a few seconds and ruin our brand’s reputation. Each of these examples is like a little lit match, thrown into a dry forest. The match is only small but the forest is immense and it only takes that tiny flame to transform it into an inferno.

Social media has the power to dramatically expand events and audiences, and we must be aware of this. We need to accept the fact that sooner or later, it will be our turn to be in the spotlight for a spoiled chocolate bar or for an embarrassing statement made by one of our suppliers; so let’s roll up our sleeves and prepare an operations centre for crisis management.

This is how we can substitute panic with action, embarrassment with putting a plan in place and waiting with immediate resolution of a problem.

Let’s remember that we are the generation that thinks that the world owes us a living and that the market is customer-centric, meaning that the customer expects top products, perfect customer service and has zero tolerance for mistakes.


The key ideas of "The Indestructible Brand"

In the digital era a brand’s reputation is constantly at risk
The essential resources to put in place to protect our brand
Develop an action plan ready to manage a crisis
The Fundamental elements of a good action plan
Protecting our digital resources to protect our brand
Monitor social media to stay up to date with what they are saying about us
Carefully plan all communications both in terms of style and content
Implement the crisis plan with flexibility and without emotion
The calm after the storm: rest a little, but never let your guard down
Take-home message

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