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The Joy of Work

How to turn your job into something positive

For many the office  has become a place of stress and discontent.  But does it have to be this way?  In his book, The Joy of Work, Bruce Daisley reveals 30 little secrets that can help us to make the workplace a bit happier, for us and our colleagues. With a bit of effort we can give meaning back to the expression “corporate culture” and finally experience the workplace as a place to be happy. 

The Joy of Work
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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand why work has become a burden for many of us.
  • Consider the effect that a company’s culture has on the people that work there.
  • Rediscover the joy of your own job.

The author of the book:

Bruce Daisley is the European vice president of Twitter and has worked with Google, YouTube and other giants in the digital sector.  Over the years he has developed a strong interest in corporate culture and a profound knowledge of its impact on people.  He presents the most popular business podcast in the UK: Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat, where he has hosted several expert guest speakers to talk about the subject of happiness and job satisfaction.


Rediscovering the joy of work

Who among us wouldn’t wish to love their job?  It’s no secret that for many people, the workplace can be a source of great stress and dissatisfaction.  From big companies to small teams, we often feel frustrated by the routine that we are stuck in every day.

Maybe it’s because we can’t find room to really concentrate, so we feel like we are throwing away hours of precious time.  Or perhaps we struggle to communicate effectively with our colleagues and we feel isolated.  Possibly, we feel as though we spend our lives in meetings without ever getting anything done.

The so-called “business culture”, which is fashionable nowadays, could be important to establish an outline on which the internal functioning of the company is based, but often our heads are simply filled with slogans and catchphrases that have very little to do with the daily lives of those that work within the company.

This doesn’t mean that we should resign ourselves to passively accept the situations that come about in the workplace.  Each one of us, in our own little way, has the power to affect small changes that can cheer us and our colleagues up, and possibly help us to rediscover the joy in our work.

The tips that we are going to look at will be divided into three basic principles: recharge, synchrony and enthusiasm.


The key ideas of "The Joy of Work"

Rediscovering the joy of work
How to refresh your energy – and stop wasting it (recharge)
How to make the team more unified (Synchronise)
The secrets to an energetic team (enthusiasm)
Love your workplace
Take-home message

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