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The Lazy Genius Way

Find out what really matters to you and focus only on that

Kendra Adachi is an American wife and mother who created the Lazy Genius Way. This is a way to rewrite our lives, and sits somewhere in between working hard and hardly working. The point is to identify what really matters to you and focus all your energy, time and resources on that, to make it work, letting go of everything else. In 13 principles, Adachi shows us an extremely flexible method which can be adapted to anyone’s lifestyle. Through her podcast, blog and Instagram profile, Kendra Adachi teaches the world her Lazy Genius Way and how we can all apply it to our daily lives. 

The Lazy Genius Way
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Being a lazy genius means learning that there is no ‘right way’

What does it mean to be a Lazy Genius? First and foremost, it means learning that to make improvements to our lives, there is not one, single route that works for everyone. The author walks us through the 13 principles we can follow to help us identify what really matters and avoid wasting energy on all the rest. It is a way for us to improve our lives and increase personal and professional satisfaction, without getting stressed by the world around us.

We all have very different priorities, and we need to stop comparing them with the priorities of those around us. This comparison simply drains our energy, it makes us feel trapped and causes us to waste time pursuing things that other people consider important. So we end up neglecting what truly matters to us.

Forgetting about everything that matters to society, our family, our friends, the TV, and anyone else who cares to have an opinion, is important, so that we can really focus on what counts for us: this is the objective of the Lazy Genius philosophy, that can help us complete small goals by finding the right balance between overdoing it and not doing enough. That balance lies somewhere in between committing to one thing wholeheartedly and abandoning a project as soon as we think it might not bear fruit. Let’s see how.


The key ideas of "The Lazy Genius Way"

Being a lazy genius means learning that there is no ‘right way’
Making fixed decisions helps save energy
Taking small steps is the easiest way to achieve our goals
The Magic Question can solve almost any practical problem
Learn to live in season with the calendar and with your life to enjoy it to the fullest
Creating the right routine helps you to gather energy and save time
The middle ground between strict and sloppy is found by setting the right rules at home
If you really want things to run smoothly, remember: ‘a place for everything…’
Opening yourself up to others allows you to nurture authentic connections and avoid useless arguments
To save time and energy you need to group and essentialise
Even if we try our best, we can still get it wrong if we don’t do things in the right order
Rest and being kind to yourself are essential for living a life full of energy and love
A lazy genius is free from external influence
Take-home message

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