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The Moment of Lift

How empowering women can change the world

In The Moment Of Lift – How Empowering Women Changes The World, Melinda Gates tells us about all the people she has met, who have taught her so much, while travelling the globe at the head of the world’s largest philanthropic foundation. Through an analysis of data collected from around the world, and her emotional account of the empathy she felt when learning about the history of so many people’s lives, Melinda describes this extremely broad and complex issue, and the work needed to make women around the world more aware of their own situation…as well as their potential evolution!

The Moment of Lift
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Humanity as a whole benefits from empowered women

How can we create the momentum needed to uplift human beings in general, but especially the female gender? How can we create this momentum in the hearts of all human beings, so that everyone agrees that women deserve their rights? Often, all we need to do, in order to recognise the empowerment women need, is to stop stifling their abilities and talents.

Now more than ever, we have the knowledge, energy, and moral ‘enlightenment’ to break the negative patterns of the past. We need commitment and help from all supporters and representatives, male or female, without exception: everyone should be part of this much-needed change.

Having said that, people themselves can often change over time: when her daughter, Jenn, was not yet a year old, Melinda Gates was asked if she was a feminist. She was not sure how to answer that question, because she did not think of herself as such, and she was not even sure she knew what it meant to be a feminist. Twenty-two years later, Melinda now thinks of herself as an ardent feminist: she knows that this means believing that all women should be able to make their voices heard and fulfil their potential, and that men and women should work together to break down barriers and put a stop to the preconceptions and prejudices that, even today, slow down women’s progress.


The key ideas of "The Moment of Lift"

Humanity as a whole benefits from empowered women
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on fighting inequality
Everyone benefits when (and if) women win the rights they fight for
In order to fight poverty, it is crucial to break down the barriers that prevent poor people from accessing the services available to the wealthy
Contraceptives save the lives of mothers and babies, and reduce the need for abortions: this is why it is so important to overcome the prejudices attached to them
Female education has positive effects on entire societies for many generations
Women must not ‘simply’ replace men at the top of the social and career ladder, but become allies of men in ending this male dominated hierarchy
A political debate cannot be defined as normal when the issues that it tackles for equal opportunities are labelled as blasphemous
When we care about equality, we embrace plurality
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